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Web Barcode for Fax and Scanner
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Web Barcode for Fax and Scanner

Real Estate Website Development
Add Paper Documents to a Website
Fax Barcode Solution


Add Paper Documents to on-line Transactions


Universal Document Tag™ Fax Barcode

"i-fax.com gave us a way to differentiate our custom developed websites by adding a unique feature. It has been a great sales tool. i-fax.com has given us top notch service."

Dataigh, Lead Developer, Real Estate Websites


A Real Estate Website Development Company needed to provide their clients with the ability to add faxed documents to their websites so the documents could be viewed on-line.

Since many Real Estate Agents are not savvy about technology the solution had to be easy to use.

The Website Development Company decided to use barcoded fax cover pages and considered a number of alternatives. They chose i-fax.com's Barcode Plug-In because it was the easiest to integrate and shaved months off their development schedule.


The Website Development Company installed the .Net version of the i-fax.com Barcode Plug-In on their web server so it could be accessed by all the websites they created and hosted for their clients.

The i-fax.com Barcode Plug-In allows barcodes to be generated that can be inserted into a document or a fax cover page. Each barcode contains a unique identifier that links the document or fax cover page to a specific record in a database, in this case an MLS listing number.

The beauty of the solution is that the Real Estate Agent does not require any training or browser plug-ins. Nothing about the way they use their website changes. Adding a document to an MLS listing is very easy.

A Real Estate Agent adds a document to an MLS listing as follows:

  1. Logs into website account hosted by website development company with user i.d. and password.
  2. Enters Description of Document (e.g. Termite Report).
  3. Prints barcoded fax cover page.
  4. Places barcoded fax cover page on top of document.
  5. Faxes barcoded fax cover page and document to toll free fax number which resides on i-fax.com's system.
  6. i-fax.com receives the fax cover page, reads the barcode, converts the attached document to a PDF and adds it to the correct MLS listing on the Real Estate Agent's website
    (The document passes through i-fax.com's system for processing but is filed and stored on the Real Estate Agent's website.)
  7. Within minutes of being faxed, the document is converted to an image, filed with the MLS listing information for the property selected and is available in PDF format on the Real Estate Agent's website.


  • Quick implementation of solution to complex problem
  • Eliminated months of costly development time
  • Added unique feature to websites that clients understood and valued
  • Gained competitive advantage during sales process


Web Barcode for Fax and Scanner

Web Enabled Paper for Fax and Scan


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