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Web Barcode for Fax and Scanner

IT Services for Summer Camps
Automated Communication between Parents and Campers
Fax Barcode Solution


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"i-fax.com is the latest whiz bang thing to hit our industry. i-fax.com has been very, very responsive to our needs. Their customer service is superb."

Andrew, Chief Operating Officer, Summer Camp Services


A provider of I.T. services to summer camps wanted to offer a service that would allow parents to communicate with their children at summer camp.

Parents wanted to send emails to their children at camp but they did not want their children to use computers while they were at camp to send a reply. Instead, parents wanted to receive a written reply from their child that could be accessed on-line by the parent.

The service provider had to design a one way email communication that would allow printed emails to be distributed to children at summer camp and written replies from the children to be collected and made available on-line to the parents. The challenge was finding a way to automate the collection and distribution of written responses from the children to their parents.

The service provider decided to use barcodes on these written responses and to collect them by fax. It was a "build or buy" decision for the service provider. They decided to use i-fax.com's barcode because it was a turn key solution that took care of everything.


The service provider installed the i-fax.com Barcode Plug-In on their web server.

The i-fax.com Barcode Plug-In allows barcodes to be generated that can be inserted into a document or a fax cover page. Each barcode contains a unique identifier that links the document or fax cover page to a specific record in a database, in this case a customer identification number for the parents of each child.


  • Created new revenue stream — parent is charged for each communication
  • Easy system for parents and summer camps to use
  • Saved time and money by using turnkey solution


Web Barcode for Fax and Scanner

Web Enabled Paper for Fax and Scan


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