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Web Barcode for Fax and Scanner

Title Insurance Company
Add Disclosure Documents to an MLS Listing
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"i-fax.com has not only put us in the ball game in offering complete web services, it has put us way ahead of the competition. Our customers love it and word is getting out. Itís helped us bring in new business."

Yvette, Statewide Training Manager, Title Insurance Company


A Title Insurance Company needed a simple way for their customers to automatically post Disclosure Documents to MLS listings on the web.

The Title Insurance Company had to find a technology that was easy for Real Estate Agents to use. Real Estate Agents wanted a quick way to add Disclosure Documents to MLS listings so that their clients could browse them on a 24/7 basis.

The Title Insurance Company wanted to avoid manually adding the documents. A manual solution would require hiring at least one person, it would result in delays and it raised concerns about human error.

In searching for a solution, the developer for the Title Insurance Company found i-fax.com. It was a perfect fit and the implementation of the i-fax.com solution was seamless.

The Title Insurance Company's investment in the back end technology "was a risk, but it has been worth it". They have received an enthusiastic response from their customers.


Fax Barcode

The Title Insurance Company installed the i-fax.com barcode plug-in on their web server. To post a Disclosure Document a Real Estate Agent does the following:

  1. Logs in to Title Insurance Company's website using a Personal Identification Number.
  2. Selects the MLS number to post documents for that property.
  3. Types the name of the document - e.g. Termite Inspection.
  4. A fax coversheet is produced automatically which is encoded with the i-fax.com barcode. The barcode is a unique identifier which links the document to the MLS number and identifies the document type.
  5. Prints barcoded fax coversheet.
  6. Places barcoded coversheet on top of document.
  7. Faxes the barcoded coversheet and document to a toll free fax number that resides on the i-fax.com system.
  8. i-fax.com receives the fax coversheet, reads the barcode, converts the attached document to a PDF and adds it to the correct MLS listing on the Title Insurance Company's web server. (The document passes through i-fax.com's system for processing but is filed and stored on the Title Insurance Company's server.)
  9. Within minutes of being faxed, the document is converted to an image, filed with the MLS listing information for the property selected and is available in PDF format on the Title Insurance Company's website.


  • Fully automated the process of posting Disclosure Statements to web
  • Attracted new business by offering a unique feature that clients valued
  • Improved competitiveness by rounding out web services
  • Solves a complex problem with a simple technology


Web Barcode for Fax and Scanner

Web Enabled Paper for Fax and Scan


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